Here Are Some Everyday Paperclip Uses That Will Blow Your Mind

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Paperclips have multiple other uses other than just clipping paper. I am pretty sure it can do more than what I am offering you, a list of nine attractive everyday paperclip benefits. If you have spare paperclips in abundance, don’t just let those sit to rest, you can benefit from them with these fantastic daily applications. 

You’ll need to gather together some materials before going into the tiny details. Here’s what you will need: 

  • Paperclips (You can use the ones that are lying around your house).
  • Paper sticky tape/sticky-backed plastic tape.
  • Insulation tape. That’s pretty much everything.

With all the materials at your disposal, it is now time to fabricate solutions to daily life problems. 

1. Sticky-Backed Tape End Finder

everyday uses of paperclips sticky tape

Finding the end of a roll of sticky tape is the first and quite an easy everyday use of paperclips. You won’t need to trace it out with your teeth or nails anymore, and it will never be a problem again. It is pretty simple, take a paperclip, attach it to the end of the sticky tape, and roll it over a few times. It will surely save you an absolute ton of time in the future. 

2. Use paperclips to repair zippers

everyday uses of paperclips zipper

Another annoying part of our lives is when a zipper pulls break off the slider. This makes it near impossible to open or close once the zip is broken. One could get it replaced at a tailor shop; however, it is so much easier to find your DIY resolve. Well, I guess it is time to employ man’s best friend, and nothing less than a paperclip does such a job. Connect the paperclip through the eye of the zipper’s zip. Now slide it up and down for as many times as you feel like, and if the paperclip breaks, you won’t have to worry as there are plenty more sitting idle.

3. Make your own laptop webcam privacy clip

everyday uses of paperclips webcam

This interesting everyday use of paperclips will blow your mind away; make your own laptop webcam privacy little tool with a paperclip. To do so, for obvious reasons, you’d need a paperclip and some dark, non-transparent tape; an electrical insulation tape would do the job. Separate the outer and inner loops of the now privacy clip and cover it with insulation tape through the end of the long arm. In the final step, you need to clip it over the webcam of your laptop. You won’t ever worry about being spied on by evil cyber agents.

4. Make a paperclip holder with a paperclip!

everyday uses of paperclips clip

If your work involves the use of paperclips frequently, this hack might prove way fruitful for you. You must have littered your workplace drawer and desk with a lot of paperclips lying loose here and there. Need to find a way of organizing them with ease? Well, did you ever thought of using one to clip the rest? In the first step, you would need to unwind a paperclip, and cover the midpoint around a pencil twice to form a loop. Secondly, cut one of the arms shorter than the other, and turn one end at 90 degrees in the direction of the shorter arm. The final step is to bend the end of the right-angled arm over the top of the shorter arm to form an essential grip. Now, open up the clip and connect your spare paperclips onto the newly formed paperclip catcher. 

5. Make some basic keyrings with paperclips

everyday uses of paperclips keyring

If you require more keyrings and don’t want to go outside of your comfort zone to buy some, worry not and make your own using spare paperclips. This everyday use is one of the simplest to replicate. Straighten out a paperclip, and wrap it around something round, for instance, a board marker until the point where you’ve made a complete ring. Add your loosened keys to it now!

6. Make a cable tidy using a paperclip and some rubber bands

everyday uses of paperclips cable tidy

You can convert your messy looking working desk tidier by this simple paperclip hack. To do so, attach an elastic band to the paperclip as demonstrated in the video and use it to wrap around messy wires that tend to lie here and there, making your desk look more congested. This paperclip hack will surely improve your workstation tidiness.

7. Or you could make a paperclip chain to keep your cable tidy

everyday uses of paperclips chain

One of the great everyday use of paperclips is to make a basic chain. It could be used to secure various objects along with the newly formed chain, or you could just simply connect the end of the paperclip chain together.

8. Make a basic phone stand using a paperclip

everyday uses of paperclips stand

This hack could be one of the most useful ones as it involves cell phones. This might very well solve problems for those who tend to binge-watch shows on their smartphones. You can now have it as your phone stand which will provide you with a comfortable position to stare at your phone for hours without getting tired. To find out how to, watch the video!

9. And finally, why not make your own tiny “pocking thingy”

everyday uses of paperclips poker

And lastly, but by no means the least, one can make a basic, and a handy, little pocking tool with a paperclip. Yes, go on and annoy everyone by merely bending the end of the outermost paperclip arm at 90 degrees to the central clip. Apart from annoying people around, you can now poke things such as quickly taking out your sim card from your smartphone. Our list is now complete. Can you imagine making any of these tremendous paperclip-based solutions to daily problems? Or do you have some other better hack?


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