Guy Builds A DIY Hoverboard Using 10 Electric Motors


You remember that time when almost everyone was super crazy about spider-man, even I wanted to have the superpower of throwing my web here and there, swinging around the buildings.

None of us got those powers, but what we have here is Green Goblin’s kind of Hoverboard instead. It might suffice our urge to have something out of that movie, though.

In this world, everyone desires everything, but a few get to fulfill those desires by working smart or hard. What I am suggesting is that not everyone has enough skills as much as this guy who built this DIY flying and fully functional hoverboard.

In other words, you can call it a multicopter drone equipped with ten large electric motors. Youtube Channel JLaservideo goes all out and tests their build, and it worked pretty amazingly!

The hoverboard is one of its kind, and you can witness its large size as well as its ability to carry a handsome amount of weight in the video. The video is well explanatory in letting out the step by step process of building this amazing device that flies a person on the push of a lever.

No matter how hard the process was to build this fantastic flying device, hard work pays off well when you have the power to go up in the air and that too just by pushing a single lever; it sounds a lot of fun. I wonder what the experience would be like. The process of making it from scratch and then flying on the board is a video worth watching.


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