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Here Are 12 Gadgets That Your Workspace Needs To Improve Productivity

These 12 Items Are What Your Work Space Needs

In order to be productive and give your best output, it’s imperative that your work area is efficiently organized. What follows is a list of items that will help you remain organized and productive.

12. A reliable USB hub

Apple is already ditching USB ports and that makes it all the more reason to invest in a reliable USB hub. This 4-port hub designed by Anker costs only $10. You can get it here

11. A set of good headphones

Audio Technica’s M40x headphones feature a detachable and replaceable cable while also exhibiting decent sound quality. They will cost you $90 and are the choice to go with.
You can get one here

10. Cable management

Check out this sleeve by Omnimount that is capable of keeping all the wires bundled up and imparts a certain serenity to the user.
You can get one here

9. A place for your headphones

Get a hook to keep your headphones stored under the desk without compromising on space. You can get it here

8. A water bottle

It’s advisable to remain hydrated to function productively and a Zojirushi mug works for all seasons. It comes with a rubber cap that is snapped onto the mug and helps in insulating the beverages.
You can get it here

7. Coasters

Style and class – that’s exactly why you need a coaster. These stainless steel coasters from Newness are embodiment of minimalist style.
You can get one here

6. A good lamp

Half-chrome bulb is the option to go with if you work during the night and need a lamp that isn’t too bright nor too dim. You can get it here

5. A staple-less stapler

Harinacs stapler will have your sheets bound elegantly and works like a charm. You can get it here

4. Emergency hand warmers

Always keep a handy pack of hand warmers nearby. You can get it here

3. Canned air. Or a desktop vacuum (yes this exists)

Why don’t you already own a miniature desktop Henry vacuum? Please, go get one here

2. Binder clips, assorted sizes

Binder clips can perform a number of tasks and that’s exactly why you need to have them in your work space. You can get one here

1. A backup flash drive

Invest in a USB drive so that you can easily share data without requiring to upload it on the cloud and having the other person download it.
You can get one here

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