25 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Life

AR drone

With the recent advances in technology, their has been a deluge of new gadgets flooding the markets. From new smartphones to new robots that complete your daily tasks in an orderly and efficient manner, we cannot imagine our lives without the presence of these gadgets.
There are Gadgets that make it to mainstream media and everyone knows about them. But then, there are also novelty gadgets that don’t make it to the limelight but they can greatly improve our life. Today, we have rounded up a similar list of unusual but very useful gadgets that you should have with you.


Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter




You can buy Phantom drone here.


LiveScribe Pulse

LiveScribe Pulse records what ever you write on paper. An ideal tool to digitize your writings and for collaborations.

You can buy Livescribe here

Roomba Robot

A robot vaccuum cleaner which cleans your house automatically.


You can  buy Roomba robot here.


Wireless Bluetooth Folding Keyboard


Various styles are available. You can choose and buy one here.

Mini Portable Speakers with Rechargeable Batteries

Gadgets that make you life lot less miserable

You can buy speakers here.

iMultiDock USB by Griffin Technology

Universal Garage Door Remote Control

Gadgets that make your life lot less miserable

You can get yours here.

Split Stick by Quirky

Keep work data separate from personal data

You can get your Split Stick here.

Smart LED Desk Lamp by Satechi

You can buy LED desk lamps here.

NEC MultiSync Ultra-Wide Monitor

Replace your two 19″ PC screens with one

Get your monitor here.

Penclic Mouse

A joystick like mouse that saves hand fatigue

Penclic Mouse can be bought here.

Tyde Desk

The desk gives user the ability to change its height using a quiet motor. This lets you work as you sit or when you are standing.


Some nice alternative desks are available here.


NeatConnect looks like a printer but does not print. Instead, it lets you scan an size of page.

You can buy NeatConnect here.

Epson Connect

With 3.5 inch touch screen, autopage feeder and ability to print wirelessly, Epson connect is a all-in-one solution. It can be controlled by your smartphone, iPad and integrates with services such as Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint.


You can buy your Epson printer here.

Anti-theft Lunch Boxes

You can save your lunch by buying there here.

USB Can Cooler

You can get yours here.

External Hard Drive

Transcend 1 TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

You can get yourself an external hard disk here.

NIKE Fuel Band

Get fit by buying fuel band here.

FitBit – Activity and Sleep Tracker

Fitbit - Flex Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker Wristband

FitBit is available here.

Playstation 4

Sony Playstation 4


You can get your PS4 console here.

Wetstone 4R-Series Driver Earphones

Delivers 3D Sound quality as you take calls during driving

Westone 4R-Series Quad-Driver Earphones

Get yours here.

A SmartPhone

Samsung - Galaxy S 4 Active 4G LTE with 16GB Memory Mobile Phone (AT&T)


A wide range is available here.

A Tablet

A wide range is available here.

Single Handed DIY Barber

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Single Handed Barber available for $59.95.


This product is yet to come out but you can get some alternatives here.


Swiss Knife


A perfect gift and something to own. Get one here.


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      how about the Single Handed DIY Barber “available for $59.95” that has “yet to come out”.

      Available: able to be had

  1. Ashok Vengurlekar Reply

    I liked activity and sleep tracker. Amazing product.

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    I am a graduate in electronics/telecommunication engineering but want practical knowledg.

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