New Gadget Lets You Charge Your Smartphone On Fire


With the delicate technology we have nowadays, it seems that the gap between outdoors and the world of circuits and codes has grown exponentially. It appeared that man could never enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing the tech and the connection it provided to the world. The tech that mankind has ever-increasingly grown fond of seemed to outweigh the love of outdoors and our spirit of adventure, slowly, began to fade.

Fortunately, in 2012, two grad students, Andy and Adam started working on a new source for electrical power.

A year and a half later they had created the FlameStower, a portable charging device that creates electricity from fire. No, that was not a typo. The FlameStower is a compact, take-anywhere, works-anytime, device that allows you to take your tech gadgets to your next camping weekend. It literally uses fire to make enough electricity to charge your phone which can be used to further enhance your outdoor experience, because smartphones allow:

  • Photos and Sharing
  • GPS Navigation
  • Weather updates
  • Emergency communication

So how does the FlameStower work? The technology behind it is pretty simple, as described by Soldier Systems:

“The heat transfers to the generator, the water keeps the opposite surface of the generator cool, and the temperature difference generates electricity.”

The device is easy to operate. Just unfold the legs, pour water in the reservoir and place the blade over an open flame, and voilà! Your phone has a charging source and you can stay connected to your world, no matter how far from civilization you are. The video below shows the gadget in action:

The specifications for the FlameStower are provided below for those of you looking for a portable outdoor charger:

There are many reasons why the FlameStower is your best bet for an outdoor charger:

  • A simple design which is rugged and compact
  • Light-weight – weighs less than half as much as other chargers
  • Anytime charging – charge anywhere, whenever you need it
  • Compatible with different sources of heat – FlameStower works with any open flame
  • Provides more power than other portable generators, allowing you to charge your gear more efficiently

The FlameStower may have been designed to be used in the wilderness, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used at home. It’s a great way to keep your family connected through power shortages and any other unexpected circumstances.

All in all, the FlameStower is a great device which allows you to escape the world without losing contact from it. It’s small, affordable and most importantly, reliable. A must have for the adventurous geek in you, the FlameStower will soon hit the stores! Stay Tuned.

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