This Work-On-The-Go Suitcase Doubles As A Desk And Powers Your Devices

If you are a frequent traveler, you would know the hassle of waiting at the airports, letting your time go without being productive. Gadgets have now become very handy, and people manage to do a lot of their tasks on their phones, but the laptop remains a necessity when you are waiting for long periods. Despite the gadget being called “laptop,” it is not exactly convenient to work on it while placing it on your lap. You have to be very lucky to find a spot or a desk where you can place your laptop to work, but you can also solve all your problems with your suitcase. Samsara is the world’s first smart aluminium suitcase that doubles as a desk and even powers your devices.


Samsara is an aluminium suitcase, but at the price tag of $690, it is much cheaper than most other luxury aluminium suitcases, and the smart tech is just another bonus. The lightweight and durable Samsara is also scratch, corrosion, and fire proof.


Samsara means “continuous movement” and the name fits perfectly to the purpose it serves for the people who are always on the go. The smart tech of the suitcase alerts you whenever it gets away from you and even issues a notification if it is opened out of your site. The battery bank in your aluminium luggage can charge your laptop through a USB-C port and your smartphone up to 10 times, so you will never be stranded phone less. The LED light control senses when you are in the dark and activates the LED lights automatically. The mobile app lets you monitor all of the smart tech features.


To make packing even easier for you, Samsara comes with a toiletries bag, a garment bag, a folding gym bag, so you never forget any of your essentials. The case may look light and compact, but it holds a packing space of 38 liters.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Samara has already achieved 10 times its goal of $15,000 with a couple of weeks remaining. The market price for Samara is $690, but the super early bird has sold at a 50% discount for $350, and you can still get the Kickstarter special at $435 before the campaign ends.

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