New Earpiece Translates Foreign Languages As You Have A Conversation

It seems like modern day technology is on the verge of replacing the need for any translators! This new device delivers foreign language translations directly to your ear while someone is having a conversation with you, and all of this is done within seconds!

The astonishing device is called translate One2One, and it is the world’s first real-time language translator that can make the lives of thousands easier.

The device is powered by IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, and currently takes 3 to 5 seconds to completely translate a conversation and play it back. The device can go back and forth in eight languages that include English, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese.


You just need to make sure that both people in the conversation are wearing the device and then forget about all your language barrier woes.

The creator of the technology, Lingmo International, claims that the Translate One2One is better than any online translator as it successfully avoids common translation stumbling blocks.

It “overcomes many of the contextual challenges associated with common languages, as well as understanding the nuances of local slang and dialects,” the company says. “For example, in Spanish ‘LL’ could be pronounced “y”, “j” or “sh”, depending on the dialect.”

The device also doesn’t require any connection with your phone or WiFi, meaning it can work even in remote locations without draining your handset’s battery.

Danny May, the founder of Lingmo, had this to say,

“As the first device on the market for language translation using AI that does not rely on connectivity to operate, it offers significant potential for its unique application across airlines, foreign government relations and even not-for-profits working in remote areas,”

You can buy a Translate One2One for $179 (£140) and expect to get one at your doorstep next month.


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