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He Fills A Balloon With Liquid Nitrogen. What Happens Next Will Blow You Away

The coolest science experiments always involve liquid nitrogen. The potent chemical can instantly freeze anything to such intensity, that it can readily be broken with ease.

The YouTuber Grant Thompson is rightly called “The King Of Random” owing to his crazy, fascinating experiments. His latest wild experiment involving nitrogen has a twist to it. Instead of dropping any object into the liquid nitrogen, he put liquid nitrogen inside a rubber balloon.


Image Source: YouTube


Thompson expected the balloon to burst whereby the liquid nitrogen will end up on cement. But what happens next will leave you on amazed. Watch the video below:



The reason for this unusual behavior shown by liquid nitrogen is that nitrogen has an extremely low boiling point; it converts from liquid to gaseous state a -196 degree Celsius. Therefore, the heat in the surrounding atmosphere boils liquid nitrogen inside the balloon, converting it into the gaseous nitrogen.


Image Source: YouTube


Thus, the balloon begins to inflate and ultimately bursts due to over-inflation. However, unlike the typical bursting of a balloon which leaves you with a dangling piece of latex in your hand, the latex of the balloon was frozen by the liquid nitrogen and hence, it smashes into numerous pieces.

As cool as it is, liquid nitrogen needs to be handled with care, or else it can cause severe damage to the skin.