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These Solar Kids Who Are Active By The Day And Become Paralysed At Night Perplex The Doctors

Solar Kids Who Become Catatonic At Night Perplex The Doctors_Image 2

Dubbed the “Solar Kids” by the natives of their hometown, the two brothers rise and set with the sun, quite literally. The Pakistani doctors are completely baffled by the mystifying symptoms depicted by the brothers and so far have been unable to put their finger on the underlying problem.

Shoaib Ahmed, 13, and Abdul Rasheed, 9, are active, playful kids during the daytime, but they revert to an impassive, inert state as the evening sets in rendering them unable to walk, talk or move at all.


Image Source: CBS News


The duo is currently undergoing extensive medical examination in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The Vice Chancellor of PIMS is monitoring this case and said that they have carried out numerous tests to determine the reason of this strange affliction.

 “We took this case as a challenge. Our doctors are doing medical tests to determine why these kids remain active in the day but cannot open their eyes, why they cannot talk or eat when the sun goes down,”

The children hail from an underprivileged family and thus, the government has undertaken the provision of medical care for the brothers. The blood samples taken from the children have been sent abroad for further medical testing. The doctors have also collected blood samples from the father and mother for genetic examination. Meanwhile, a team of researchers has been dispatched to Mian Kundi, the native village of the brothers, to ascertain the living conditions in which they had resided.


Image Source: Dawn


The father of the children has come up with his own explanation for the intriguing symptoms of his children:

“I think my sons get energy from the sun.”

However, the theory was rejected by the doctors on the basis that the boys were able to move about in the dark rooms during the day. Similarly, a black storm obscuring the sun from sight did not deter them from commuting during the day.


Image Source: Dawn


The children have aspirations for future, aiming to become scholars. The doctors await the results of the 232 tests and hope to uncover the reason for this strange disease. Watch this video and observe the amazing transition of these kids from active children into vegetative boys:

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