Ever Wondered What Will Happen If You Wash Your Face With Liquid Nitrogen? This Guy Tries It Out


So what’s the best way to spend a languid weekend when you think watching Netflix or meeting friends is too mainstream? Obviously pouring liquid nitrogen on your face, duh!

A YouTuber going by the name of Grant Thompson or “The King of Random” got intrigued about the phenomenon, so he decided to perform the weird experiment where he threw a cup full of liquefied nitrogen on his face multiple times!

So what did happen? Did he get blinded and burned like we usually assume with liquid nitrogen?

Watch the video below to find out:

So as it turns as Thompson’s face didn’t melt or freeze, neither did his eyes pop out!

But how does it work? Thompson explains.

“Liquid nitrogen works on a principal called the Leidenfrost effect after it hits the skin. You can take it as the liquid not touching the skin at all because it’s like being repelled by an invisible barrier. When liquid nitrogen touches my face it basically just repels and flows off just like water.”

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