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Have A Look At Dubai’s Ultra-luxurious Floating Homes On Sale For $12 Million

Just 2.5 miles off the Dubai coast is an artificial archipelago, called Juzur-ul-Alam, literally meaning The World. The islands have been laid out to replicate the map of the world. The part of The World representing the European countries is called The Heart of Europe.



The Heart of Europe is home to the first ultra-luxurious and insanely ostentatious floating house, dubbed the Floating Seahorse, priced at a whopping $2.8 million. The company is now gearing up to build an even larger and grander floating house that will hang a hefty price tag of $12 million.



The mammoth floating structure has been named so because the inhabitants of the Floating Seahorse would be able to enjoy the dance of the real-life sea horses in the coral reef garden.



The design of the Floating Seahorse was created by the Kleindienst Group, which recorded 5000 hours of research and another 13,000 for planning and construction. The company sold off more than 60 Floating Seahorses last year, with the first being sold even before completion.



The layout of the house comprises of an underwater area encompassing the master bedroom and the accompanying washroom, spans 270 square feet. A 500 square foot coral garden lies outside rife with the marine life populating the Gulf.



The above-water deck is fitted with a set of steps to provide access to the water, or you can jump right into the sea if the impulse hits you. The Floating Seahorse is connected to the mainland via seaplanes and vessels while the inter-island connectivity is managed using the jetties.



The company is committed to the cause of safeguarding the marine population, especially the seahorses. In a statement, the company representative reiterated the pledge of the Kleindienst Group to preserve the natural habitat of the seahorses.

“We will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed.”

The Floating Seahorse will hit the other islands of The World in the next year, St. Petersburg being its first stop outside The Heart of Europe.

The Kleindienst Group is currently finalising the layout of the $12 million Signature Edition of the Floating Seahorse. These colossal floating structures comprising of three floors will cover a space of above 4000 square feet.

The Signature Edition Floating Seahorse will come with four bedrooms with enough space to nicely tuck in up to 16 people, including eight adults.



Following the changing times and the concept of IoT, Signature Edition of Floating Seahorse will be a completely furnished smart home. The underwater structure will consist of two bedrooms, a bathroom along with an observation space to enjoy the beauty of the coral garden.



40 signature edition homes are currently in the works, projected to be completed by October 2016. Kleindienst’s team is currently at work producing 40 of these signature edition homes.

If anything, the Kleindienst Group has redefined the idea of an extravagant life.