Here Are Some Of The Best Floating Homes Around The World


To keep beauty and necessity in balance, houses that float on the water were fabricated. Keeping this in view, here are some of the best examples of floating homes that we have seen. There are classic prefabricated houseboat to luxury models and even floating egg-shaped house as well.

There is nothing new about living on the water, however, some architects have recognized the practice and are trying to spread it more.BIG, A high-profile firm in Denmark is offering floating housing for students in Copenhagen. The firm is running the campaign under Urban Rigger project. The project is using shipping containers that are arranged on a floating base. Many other units are also planned for Sweden as well.


The Formosa, an amphibious home, is another approach by way of Baca Architects. It is located next to a river on a floodplain in England. It looks and behaves like a standard home but as soon as the water rises, the house starts floating in its place and prevents it from being flooded.

If the practical concerns are kept aside, these homes become really fun. Those who like to live in luxuries can live in the underwater bedrooms and sleep with the fish as well. These underwater floating bedrooms are offered by Floating Seahorse Signature Edition.

Here are some more interesting concepts of floating houses from all over the world.


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