19 Year Old Guy Builds A Wonderful Castle From Lego Blocks

After our recent article on the world’s largest Lego ship, we are back with yet another lego marvel. This time, a huge minutely detailed castle at that. The pro-Lego builders throughout the world have made some of the most incredible scaled down models ever made, and this castle is right at the top!

As always the concept of this huge Lego structure came from an existing design. The builder of this model, 19-year-old Joseph Zawada is a big fan of Legend Zelda: Twilight Princess. As you can expect, Zawada was inspired by a castle in this game called Hyrule Castle. So much that he ended up making a giant model of it in real life with the help of these building blocks meant to be toys. Some people never grow up, do they? Their toys just get bigger that’s all.

It took him two-and-a-half years to build this ultimate model castle. Seeing the intricate design and the level of detail, it is easy to see why it took him all this time. All this work must take a person’s full-time attention and thanks to the lucrative coverage of these models, I am sure he will be getting his money’s worth as well.

Popular Youtube channel named Popular Brick had an interview with the guy, and he was happy to share some fun details with them. Here are some more snaps of his awesome inside job of the castle.

One of these days, I just want to live in a Lego world where everything is these moving physical pixels. It would be serene, huh?