Here’s How A Man Built A Giant Remote-Control Crane Out Of LEGO


Many people are huge LEGO enthusiasts. They do anything with their creative minds and skills to create newest items. This man created a huge crane that is about 10 feet tall and takes up almost half of the size of a living room. It is strong enough to lift a wooden chair off the floor and place it in another position easily. The LEGO crane is built by Dawid Szmandra in Poland and it has an impressive design and interesting functions in it.

The eight-minute video of the LEGO crane on YouTube has been viewed by more than 80,000 people within 48 hours of its upload. The video shows how the crane moves on its axis, shuffle along on its conveyor-belt styled wheels and can lift and place an item from one place to another. This crane is a smaller version of Liebherr crane, precisely 24 times smaller than the real thing but still weighs 60 pounds.

It is controlled by a small remote attached to a switch pad and has a range of many complex functions. The crane can be controlled by a single switch. Keypad tells the user the weight of the item the crane is lifting and how the weight corresponds to the load it is able to lift in percentage. There is also a winch mounted on springs and a light sensor which can measure the travel distance.

In the video, the camera is panning out to show the inspiring structure of the crane and its glory. To show the capabilities of the crane it lifts a number of households items of different weights. When the camera zooms out, you can see that the chair looks tiny as compared to the crane. Liebherr is a heavy-duty machinery, fridges and aircraft equipment builder based in Switzerland. The LEGO crane built by Dawid Szmandra, who lives in a village in southern Poland.


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