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World’s First 3D Printed Office To Be Constructed In Dubai

Dubai is the land of glorious architectural structures. From Burj Khalifa to the Palm Islands, it seems that there is no stopping Dubai’s advancements in constructing all kinds of crazy concepts in the field. Now, the city is set to add another feather to its cap by 3D printing an entire office within a matter of weeks.

The additive construction is to be undertaken by a 3D constructor over 20 feet in height. It will move around, depositing construction material layer by layer over an area of 2,000 square feet. The process is set to take around a few weeks to achieve. The general layout of the office is a bit strange compared to an actual working area. Instead, it resembles more of an eccentric science fiction lab from the 1970s. Space will serve as temporary headquarters for the staff of “The museum of the future” initiative by the Gulf city state. The quality of architecture won’t be as good as other intricate artistic pieces we have seen all over the place. But then again, they aren’t full offices are they?

The facility will also house a fabrication facility as well as some demonstration space for 3D printed stuff to be used in the future. The project will be one of the company’s first in their collaboration with Win Sun Global and their international investing partners. Win Sun Global received widespread acclaim in the world after constructing ten 3D printed living quarters within one day. The museum authority believes that their new office will be the most advanced 3D structure ever built, and they indeed have strong backing of that claim with the Win Sun Global partnership on their side.

The CEO of the initiative said that this office will pave the way for innovative uses of 3-D technology in the years to come especially in the construction and design sectors. By promoting this, Dubai aims to be the global hub in the emerging technology. That is indeed an ambitious target!