What Happens If You Throw Your Car’s Smart Key Out Of A Moving Car?

Many cars today have incorporated the keyless ignition system where you no longer require a physical key to lock/unlock the doors and start the engine.

But you do need to keep the (FOB) key at all times in your pocket or somewhere in the close vicinity of the car when driving. Some people keep it in the arm set, while others in the cup holder or the glove box. But what happens if you somehow manage to throw the key out of the car?

As one comment notes,

“There are stories of people being dropped off at the airport and having the key in their pocket. For example, husband drives to the airport, gets out and wife drives home. She gets home, goes to put the keys on the key hook and for the life of her can’t find the keys. Husband calls from three states away and starts the conversation with, “guess what I have.””

This was precisely the question AutoVlog had set off to answer, but he actually didn’t lose the key. Instead, he went threw it out of the car himself just for kicks to find out how the lab rat he calls a V8 Ford Fusion would react. I just hope he managed to find the key after the video or he has a really expensive visit to the manufacturer on his hands!

The 5-minute clip is just too good to miss, so I won’t spoil the fun and tell you what’s gonna happen. But in case you do lose your key FOB while driving, be sure NOT to turn off the engine before you manage to find it.

P.S. I did this test but with my regular key ignition and the car turned off. What a fail!

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  1. Marcie Reply

    Good information – thanx. You should have demonstrated that the car needed to be restarted within a certain timeframe. Seeing you restart your car without the key would have been helpful. And where exactly did you get the info on 15 seconds to restart? That would have been helpful to know so we could all check if our cars operate the same way. But thanx for posting. Appreciate it.

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