How Fast Can You Drive In Reverse? This YouTuber Has Found The Answer


If you are a good enough driver to have a license, you should be very good at reversing the car. The only thing you should not be doing is speeding your car in reverse, and well, you don’t actually have a good reason to do that, unless you want to find out how fast your car can go in reverse. Can it drive as fast as it does when moving forward?

Source: Autoblog

If you are thinking about trying it out with your car, you need a reminder that Curiosity killed the cat. It certainly did not kill the guy behind AutoVlog who tried out this stunt and brought you the answer, so you do not have to go around trying out risky stunts.

What can you do with this information anyway? A guy commented that he needed to go fast in reverse in McDonalds Drive thru because they forgot to give him his Sprite. We are sure that was a good enough reason, but other than that, we honestly do not recommend reversing on a highway on full speed just because you missed an exit you were supposed to take.

Information never actually killed anyone, or did it? Here is just some knowledge that may never be useful to you but it would kill the curiosity, nonetheless.

Source: AutoVlog


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