How Far Can You Actually Drive On “0 Miles To Empty” ?

We all have been guilty of running our tank until it is bone dry at some point in our life. Whether it is because you forgot your wallet at home, or there’s simply no gas station in the near vicinity, one is always hoping against hope that you don’t end up pushing your car for the next 5 miles or so. That feeling of anxiously hurtling your car despite the car dashboard feverishly blinking the empty sign always has an odd euphoria around it.

But the YouTuber AutoVlog didn’t face any such conundrum, instead he purposefully wanted to record how far he could run after the fuel meter shows “0 miles to empty”. He uses his trusted 4V Ford Fusion for the experiment, with some very interesting results. But it is to be noted that the travel time will vary from vehicle to vehicle, and will also depend on other factors like the traffic, weather conditions, driving habits etc. So if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t simply assume that you can get the same number of miles on your car. The running time varies on the vehicle itself.

Watch the video to find out how many miles he actually managed to pull off:

So after his car hits zero miles to empty, he resets the trip meter and starts going around the block waiting for the tank to completely go dry. Believe it or not, he actually managed to drive 21.6 miles on zero miles to empty! Now one would start to question why does the car start to give the blinker if it still has so many miles left? One reason could be to avoid wrecking your fuel pump in case you make a habit of running your car on low fuel, as detailed in this article.

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  1. Linda W Reply

    Ive given Saturn Ions since they came out. One day a couple of Detroit radiovguys decided to take an Ion out on I75 and drive it til it stopped and ran out of gas. They drove that at another 57 miles (if I’m remembering correctly) before it finally ran out of gas. This was one live on the radio. I’m still driving an Ion. Best car ever!

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