Here Are 6 Useful Tips For A Cleaner Interior Of Your Car

For all petrolheads and car guys and gals, spending a few hundred bucks on the car every month is just our way of saying “I love you”. One of the main focus is keeping their cleanliness top notch, which sometimes can be a bit of a hassle, considering how many small nooks and crevices one has to sift through. But today we will bring you 6 car cleaning tips, courtesy YouTube’s AutoBlog, that will help you keep your interior tip top and give it a ‘new’ look all year round.

1) The AutoBlog video first recommends inexpensive and disposable covers to protect your seat and steering wheels from getting dusty and stained. You can easily remove them whenever required, and can especially come in handy when dropping your car at the mechanic for a day of dirty work.

2) The second cleaning tip is using rubber mats that prevent dirt, spills, and oil from ruining your car’s carpet. Surely it is impractical to constantly shampoo, scrub, or vacuum the carpet, whereas you simply need to take out the rubber mats, wash them off with soap and water and place them right back in!

3) Always keep a blanket in your trunk. This should be used when traveling with your pets, and also in case you need to perform a repair on the car that requires going under the car.

4) In case a coffee or drink spill occurs, pull over immediately and clean it up right there and then. Speed is the key here, and keeping a couple of microfiber towels in the arm rest or trunk along with an interior cleaner would become life savers.

5) Develop a habit of tapping your feet before jumping into the car, as most of the dust and mud creeps in from our shoes alone.

6) Always keep a pair of gloves and hand sanitizers in the glove box in case you need to perform a repair, or change a tire. You wouldn’t want to make the steering wheel and the interior dirty by your own hands, would you?

Watch the video to find more about these tips!

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