Guy Uses Chisel And A Block Of Wood To Create The Ultimate Proposal Gift


Sometimes it isn’t the most flashy stuff that makes you feel great rather, it is the stuff you made with your hands that matters to you. A straw house you made as a kid is dear to you and so are the Plasticine models because you had a part in their making. This process that takes a person’s energy and time builds a bond and that is what is missing from our typical consumerist behavior. So here, I am going to show you what this guy did to a small, old block of wood and turned it into an item worth remembering.

First of all, here is the ugly block. Doesn’t look anything worth. Should be thrown straight into the garbage can, right?


We now smooth the sides and the corners.


Now it is much better looking


Next off, start cutting wood to arrive around the shape of the desired object.


In this case a ring apparently


After some cool finishing and sand papering, here is the final product.


Beautiful isn’t it?


Its great to see such a beautiful thing created from discard-able material. The ring was used by the guy to propose to his girlfriend who probably said Yes!

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