Check Out This Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Carve Wood Into A Mortar and Pestle


Mortars and Pestles are available easily in the market, but in case you want to add a personal touch to these wooden objects or want to blend in your creativity, you can try carving them with your hands too.

In this post, the focus is on the simple steps through which wood will be morphed into a mortar and a pestle with a unique look.

The process starts with a plank of wood that would become the mortar.


A different type of wood called SpectraPly is then used. 


Pestle is made of two different types of wood: SpectraPly and cherry wood.



The mortar is then given its typical shape, more like even and round.


The Mortar is given its final look in the workshop.



The mortar and pestle are then polished to make it look nice and  pretty.


This is the final look.


Tadaa! The final look of the pestle and mortar is pretty amazing. Molding wood into amazing shapes like a mortar and a pestle is a wonderful experience itself. Are you thinking about giving it a go?

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