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Guy Had The Most Shabby Backyard. What He Transformed It Into Will Leave You Amazed

Carrying out a DIY project at home is tough, but what this man created in his backyard may be the greatest DIY ever. Back in March 2011, reddit user VonBubenberg’s dad decided that he wanted to change his unsightly backyard into a swimming pond. The reddit user took pictures of the steps that led to the completion of this amazing project.

The amazing part is that the father works in IT and the son is a business student. Neither are experts at projects like these, but the result is completely astonishing.

This is what the backyard originally looked like

A project of this scale couldn’t be completed without some heavy machinery

The water conduits lead to the garage where the filtration system will be installed

Manual labor was also needed (this is the reddit user’s little sister)

Layer of felt and plastic were added to the bottom

These barrels circulated the water through the pond’s filtration system

Large decorative rocks were added to the pool

More rocks were added, followed by a base layer of stones

After everything was completed, water was added

And then some lights

In Spring 2012, it was time to add to the pond

The completed swimming pond