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Apple Installs $1 Million Glass Staircase And $1.5 Million LED Screen In New Store In San Francisco

The Apple store in San Francisco, the hub of the company has to be something special and a statement to show the aesthetic nature of the company. For this very reason, the flagship Apple store in the area was renovated and fitted with exorbitant interior decorations and architecture. According to data from BuildZoom, construction permits show more than $23.6 million was spent on the renovation with more than $19 million reserved for the exterior alone. Among the costs, an astonishing $1 million dollars were spent on the new staircase alone. All of these figures could be actually very high since this is the number the company gave to the City Hall for tax purposes, but in reality, the costs could be a lot more than these ballpark figures.

Here is how they look like:

Funny enough, the exterior was lavishly decorated with a lot of money being spent on the shiny material, but the actual Apple logo on the outside was only worth $2,000. Talk about brand value. Plus, the gigantic screen on the inside reportedly cost $1.5 million alone, and only its support systems cost around $50,000 which is more than one of the most expensive LED TVs in the market themselves.

Apple also spent $800,000 on the Solar Power on the roof that gives the compound renewable power round-the-clock while $2.28 million were devoted to the sprinkler system. The Genius Bar has been replaced by a Genius Grove,” where Apple technicians come, and you can interact with them.
Sounds like a pretty cool place to visit!