iPhone XL Is Expected To Be Launched Next Year

Apple is expected to release two phones next year, an updated version of iPhone X and an ‘XL’ with a larger screen. It is also likely that the tech giant will make changes in design to improve the quality of data transmission.

The new iPod Pros will also be featuring Face ID.

Source: HD Report

‘We see iPhone X unlocking pent-up iPhone upgrades, especially in China, driving more than 20 percent iPhone unit growth and a revenue and earnings beat in 2018,’ said analyst Katy Huberty on Morgan Stanley.

As soon as it came out, the $999 phone seems to have brought back all the frenzy that was seen during previous launches of Apple phones. People are already waiting in long queues to get their hands on Apple’s latest flagship series.

Source: Digital Trends

According to a recent estimate by Nomura Instinet analysts, 30 million units of iPhone X will be produced by Apple during the current quarter.

The company has already sold 46.7 million iPhones by the end of September which is above the analysts’ estimate of 46.4 million. The sales of iPad and Mac also crossed the forecasts of analysts.

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