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This Pyramid Shaped Skyscraper Will Soon Grace The Skyline Of Paris

During the 70s, the city of Love banned the construction of skyscrapers in its midst, 2 years after the Montparnasse Tower overshadowed the city’s grandeur. 42 years later, Parisians believe that construction of new skyscrapers is just what the city needs to bag a slot among the world’s top city centers. 12 new skyscrapers have been proposed in Paris and the construction of the 180 meters tall Tour Triangle was approved just as June saw its dusk.

The Tour Triangle has been designed by Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron, who are renowned for the architecture of Beijing Olympic stadium and New York’s Parrish Art Museum among other feats.

Rue de Vaugirard

The construction is estimated to cost €500-million. The Tour Triangle’s design is a perspective mangling design. Whereas from some angles it will look like a huge pyramid, from others it’ll appear to be a thin, tall structure. Covered in glass, the building will melt into the city’s lights, and despite the staggering height, still look up to the Eiffel Tower.