This Wildlife Photographer Has Engineered A Thriving Ecosystem In His Backyard – Here Is How


Stefano Ianiro is a wildlife photographer who has built a pond in his backyard that developed into so much more than just a regular body of water. Initially, he only made it for better photography.

Later, Ianiro noticed that many diverse species were coming to the pond. It was part of an ecosystem that nurtured and supported wildlife.

Seeing how important his pond was to nature, he extended his small pond to allow for more interactions with the various species visiting the space. It was enthralling to see how his pond soon became a hub of a multitude of creatures. Moreover, he was also able to notice socializing patterns of animals.

His small project transformed into a vital ecosystem that now supported natural life.

He decided to film the animals who had started depending on his pond and shared it online. The video displays the awe-inspiring setup and answers so many questions about the space.


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