This Old Stamp Is the World’s Most Expensive Object by Weight


Everything in the world has value. Some have less; some have more. But many things appear a little in appearance but have such a high price that everybody who hears about them is taken aback. For example, consider this a red-colored ticket, which appears to be a regular postage stamp but has a value that will astound you.

According to an Audity Central report, the ‘The British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta’ stamp is the world’s most pricey stamp and the world’s most expensive object by weight. Not only is it the most costly stamp, but it is also the most expensive item in the world.

In comparison, this ticket weighs 40 milligrams and costs around $8.5 million. A 0.2-carat diamond, which weighs only 40 milligrams, on the other hand, costs around $700. At the same time, 40 mg of LSD costs roughly $5,000.

However, the question is why this stamp is so expensive. It is highly priced because it is the only stamp of its kind, with no duplicates. On the other hand, many copies of stamps collected by stamp collectors worldwide are accessible.

According to the report, in 1856, the British Guiana local news office printed many pieces of paper with an image of a ship and a mast on it. The slogan of the British colony, ‘We give and expect to get in return,’ was also written on it. These stamps were created to replace several stamps that had been ruled invalid by the postmaster. These newly printed stamps were designed specifically for the purpose.

As soon as a new set of original stamps was printed, these stamps were removed from circulation. In 1873, a 12-year-old kid discovered the same stamp in a letter from his uncle, which he sold to a local stamp collector.

After 150 years, that single stamp has become the most valuable stamp in the world. This stamp was owned by 9 people until June 2021, when it was purchased by a company called Stanley Gibbons. The company began selling stamps in the form of shares and has so far sold 80 thousand pieces or 80 thousand shares.


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