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Say Hello To This 10,000 Room Hotel Being Built In Saudi Arabia

Pic Credits: huffingtonpost

Every year the tourism sector contributes round about $22.6 billion (85 billion Saudi riyals) to Saudi Arabia’s GDP. And this is not the sort of sightseeing tourism, but rather due to the Holy pilgrimage. Thus, it is ensured that this much income is bound to come each year. And now Saudi administration is trying to cash in this opportunity even more by planning on opening world’s largest hotel in the city of Mecca, which is the center of attraction for all the pilgrims.

Round about 15 million Muslims from across the globe make the spiritual journey to Saudi Arabia seeking redemption and expiation of sins. And with this huge influx of people each year without much change, there is a huge market for hotels and restaurants. Although there is a plethora of 5-star hotels in the city, like the Raffles Makkah Palace or Hyatt Regency Makkah etc. the magazine Travel + Leisure reported that the city will soon reveal the grand opening of the Abraj Kudai — proposed to be the largest hotel in the world.

Pic Credits: huffingtonpost

This hotel is proposed to consist of a whopping area of 1.4-million-square-meter, and is estimated to around $3.5 billion to build. Once Abraj Kudai is complete, it will have more than 10,000 rooms and is estimated to that its largest towers will contain 45 stories, while the shortest will have 30. T+L also revealed that there will be more than 70 restaurants in the building, making the tourists truly spoiled for choice.

The structure itself will consist of 12 towers, and 10 them will provide 4-star accommodations to common people. And building on the sterling reputation of sense of entitlement, the other two towers will offer 5-star hotels and restaurants which will be reserved for more “exclusive” clientele. There will be five floors reserved for the Saudi Royal Family according to The Guardian,  and will be easily accessible via the five rooftop helipads.

Pic Credits: huffingtonpost

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