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Guy Had A Boring Front Yard. The Way He Made A Pond Out Of It Will Make You Try It Out Too

Do you like gardening? If the answer was yes then we are sure that at some time in your professional gardening life you have thought of installing ponds, waterfalls and streams running through the flowerbeds. This Redditor‘s DIY pond build tells us that you really can make it happen instead of giving it up because you believe it will be too pricey. Check out the details below and let us know what you think of the project.

The project started off after he had picked the perfect spot in his front yard.

The next step was to dig.

The end result was a two-tiered rectangular hole.

He placed a pre-liner beneath the pond liner.

Using stones to line the edge, he began the filling of hole.

A few plants were added as well.

He incorporated a simple hose and a pump to simulate a mini waterfall.

The lilies add to the aesthetics of the project.

We could get used to such an awesome front yard, right?