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Guy Creates An Incredible Clock Out Of Old Bicycle Parts Lying Around In His Home

Bicycle clock

Manufacturing a bicycle requires a particular set of skills. This machine is quite a complicated assembly of chains, cogs and parts that one can’t even observe if the person is not trained. Here’s what an enthusiast and designer did with his knowledge and love of bikes; he created a clock. He made use of numbers and affixed them to a bike’s chain along with a rotating motor that works in perfect synchronization with time of the day. The creation is quite amazing and doubles up as a unique monumental piece that can be used for home décor. Check the following and let us know what you think!

Here’s the finished product that employs the use of a synchronous motor along with upcycled bicycle chain, wood and a rear bike cassette. Let’s see how he pulled off this feat.

It kicked off with a frame being cut out of oak.

He had to impart a deep ridge where motor would be fixed.

He made use of four pieces of oak to create the frame by stacking them up. The final touch included addition of cover that contained bearings made of bronze for the motor.

This is what it looked like once the sanding was completed.

Here goes the motor into the casing.

Centering of shaft was carried out via bearing bar followed by the cassette being attached to motor.

Finalized cassette that holds and rotates the chain.

He printed the numbers that he had designed himself from a 3D printing store.

The chain completes one rotation per hour.