Guy Converts His Old Bicycle Into Electric Using Old Washing Machine Parts

This E-Bike Was Built Using An Old Bicycle And Washing Machine

Electric bikes have become the new norm, and while the COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many challenges, it has also strengthened the market for e-bikes. We have seen retailers offering them for free to NHS workers in London and New York City’s legalizing them again to assist food deliveries. Nonetheless, even the most common e-bike will set you back somewhere between $400 and $2,000.

This E-Bike Was Built Using An Old Bicycle And Washing Machine

That is where this incredible DIY e-bike project comes in by a Redditor. The user had a 20-year old bicycle and a washing machine readily available, and he used these things to his advantage. Say hello to Jimminecraftguy, who is about to get his electricians degree in 2 years. He took out the brushless DC motor from the washing machine – it runs on 1,100 watts but has been toned down to work on 48. He then installed it in the center of the old bike’s frame. The drive gear was then connected to one of the front chainrings. This enabled him to provide power to the rear wheel, thus making the whole thing run smoothly.

This E-Bike Was Built Using An Old Bicycle And Washing Machine

The caption on his post reads, ‘Finishing up the electronics and cover and I’ll have a bridge picture in 1 month.’ What you’re looking at has been custom fabricated. Even the mounts and electronics as well. He said that the bike is capable of achieving speeds of 110 kph, which is quite an impressive feat, right? He has also modified the crank to incorporate a freewheel so that the motor can function without having to spin the pedals. Our innovator has also mentioned that he is making a few improvements to his creation, such as better batteries before he calls it a day.

You can check him out in action in the video. Do let us know what you think of this amazing DIY e-bike project.

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