Guy Creates A Working Railgun At Home That Can Fire A Projectile At 5 Times The Speed Of Bullets


Railguns are guns in which the bullet or the projectile is fired using electromagnetic acceleration between two rails. Normal guns use gunpowder for this purpose, and every bullet is therefore filled with it. Railguns can fire the metal piece without the need of gunpowder at speeds greater than five times the normal bullets. Naturally, railguns are the next level stuff when it comes to their applications in the military. The Navy, in particular, is in the process of developing cutting-edge railguns for its missile defense programs. But, not all railguns are that expensive and sophisticated. You can make one at home just like this Youtuber Ziggy Zee.


He is already well known on the Youtube with his little Science experiments that he regularly shares with his viewers. But, this is by far, the most awesome stuff he has ever come up with as you don’t get to see a lot of these railguns on the internet. The 250-pound gun is hardly the shoulder-mounted rapid firing stuff that could be dangerous for massive numbers of people. So, it is pretty harmless if we get the design and implementation right. Although he claims it is shoulder-mounted, I doubt any normal soldier can use it on the battlefield except the people of Joh Rambo’s ilk.

See these videos here showing the insane capabilities of the railgun:

Remember not to try this at home as a million things could go wrong with something like this. No velocities were recorded by them and the sheer force of the projectile they fired propelled it so far away that they couldn’t locate it anywhere near. This is the power of electromagnetism for you, gentlemen! I wonder why the world is not paying attention to these guns as they can fire projectiles at 10 Machs or faster than the speed of most missiles.

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  1. @iamvic3 Reply

    As if the ones we have are not causing enough harm & pain already. What is wrong with people and their love for guns?
    Yea it could be useful for your army but yet again deadly in the hand of an enemy.
    Let’s find something better to use this technology for instead of instruments of war.

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