These Are 20 Of The Best Makeshift Engineering Fixes That You Will Ever Come Across

best engineering fixes17

Engineers have the unique ability to fix anything that comes their way with almost anything lying in their visual field. Here are some fantastic makeshift engineering tweaks that are a true outcome of an engineering mind:

1. RCA Cable Connector Using Lego Man

best engineering fixes20

When you are left with nothing but male cables, this is what you can do in desperate times!

2. Making DIY Desk fan

best engineering fixes19

Sometimes the CPU in your head is in overdrive and forces you to do things like this!

3. Bottle Showerhead

best engineering fixes21

Only one ergonomic problem with this thing; You will have to crouch down a little or else the shower head will keep banging against your head!

4. Bucket handle Ethernet

best engineering fixes18

The stack of Ethernet cables and other useless wires in your workplace or home is increasing at a fast pace. You can use them for a good cause like a handle for your bucket!

5. Car knob Fixed like New

best engineering fixes17

Car knob broke and you aren’t prepared to pay anyone to fix it. So, you take this valve handle and stick it inside. Very smooth.

6. DIY Toilet Handle Fix

best engineering fixes16

Finally something I have done myself as well. Good going!

7. Aircraft Fix using Tape

best engineering fixes15

While seeing this kind of repair work will make you never want to fly again, this kind of repair using speedy tape is quite normal in aviation industry.

8. New headlights

best engineering fixes14

It almost passes as a working headlight during day time. Obviously it won’t work so well during the night because it has to be “on” in order to do so!

9. Airline Window transparent

best engineering fixes13

Well we have to work on getting things fixed and fulfill their purpose.

10. Busted Speedometer

best engineering fixes12

If your speedometer is busted and doesnt show the speed, you can always install a tachymeter. This one is pretty advanced though.

11. Rock filled bottle as Door Bell

best engineering fixes11

Yeah. I am sure the neighbours don’t appreciate the ingenuity and have thrown it down already.

12. Old laptop converted to Desktop

best engineering fixes10

When your loyal old laptop’s screen breaks down, what do you do? You attach it to the rear end of a LCD screen and plug in the video port. There you have it. Your very own iMac.

13. Tent Assembled with Apples

best engineering fixes9

When you loose any more of your tent connectors, be sure to find some apples and do this with them. Works like a charm!

14. Keep the high-tension wires up

best engineering fixes8

If the power lines are sagging and close to hugging the ground, you can do this effective job!

15. Broken Goblet repaired!

best engineering fixes7

When the base of your wine glass is broken, try attaching a few pencils with the help of a string and say cheers!

16. Elevator Light

best engineering fixes6

Elevators are always down but your manager wants dirt-cheap solution? My motto is just do it!

17. Permanent Fix for Your Book

best engineering fixes4

Attach your book with a useless measuring tape with spring mechanism and there you have it.

18. Robust Door Lock

best engineering fixes3

yeah, those youtube card or rope tricks won’t work on this door. it will take a sledgehammer to undo it. Possible outcomes include people start mistaking you as Mr. Bean himself.

19. Broken Laptop Charging Cable

best engineering fixes2

Using Velcro for your laptop’s broken charging cable. Sweet.

20. Handy Usb Port Placement

best engineering fixes

This hardware guy forgot to put these ports inside the housing. Now he just made some room outside and wallaa!

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