Guy Creates A Personal Helicopter At Home By Joining Together 54 Drones

Personal Helicopter Created Using 54 Drones

Drones are becoming a fad these days and we have witnessed them being put to some amazing uses already. However, this one guy decided that having one drone was mainstream and decided to bundle together a number of them to create an amazing contraption.Personal Helicopter Created Using 54 Drones2

He used a total of 54 drones for this amazing project and made use of electronics and an umbrella to create ‘The Swarm’. It is no longer a drone, technically speaking, however it sure is cool.Personal Helicopter Created Using 54 Drones3
The video was uploaded to YouTube by user gasturbine101 and the design is able to carry a maximum weight of 148kg while offering a flight time of 10 minutes. It doesn’t look very stable, however, no one lands a perfect score in first attempt. We wish him luck and hope that he can build on this idea and create something even more amazing.


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