Make Old Stuff In Your Home Look Like New With These 15 Hacks

Make Old Stuff Look Like New 10

Everything loses its charm over time, the shine will fade away and once glorious item would look ancient after it is left at the mercy of time. We have compiled a list of ways that you can use to make your old stuff look like new. Check them out below and let us know what you think of them.

15. Clean non-silver jewelry without polish.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 15

Make a mixture of vinegar and salt for removing any dirt or grime off non-sterling jewelry.

14. Remove stains from leather.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 14

Use cornstarch for taking care of stains on leather.

13. Refinish an old childhood favorite.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 13

You’ll have to work harder for this one, but it is totally worth it. Check out the details here.

12. De-fog your headlights.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 12

Baking soda is the way to go if you’re looking for a way to de-fog your headlights.

11. Get stains out of carpets, no matter what they are.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 11

Here’s a list of ways you can tackle carpet stains.

10. Brighten up old sneakers.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 10

You’ll be surprised at how amazingly well toothpaste can whiten your sneakers.

9. Make metal furniture shiny again.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 9

You can use car wax to transform weather patio furniture into amazing new furniture.

8. Give Barbie’s hair a makeover.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 8

This tutorial will bring new life to your favorite Barbie. Check it out here.

7. Restore grout the easy way.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 7

This process is worth the effort. Believe us!

6. Bring a rusty frying pan back to life.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 6

You only require few items, household items, and voila. Check out the details here.

5. Rid cutting boards of bacteria and general grossness.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 5

Cutting boards are used excessively in kitchens and must be cleaned from germs. Use oil, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for tackling germs.

4. Oh, and vinegar is good for hardwood floors, too.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 4

Making use of white vinegar and warm water will allow you to create an all-natural floor wash.

3. Oil and vinegar also work for getting scratches out of wooden furniture.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 3

You can make use of oil and vinegar to polish the scuffed legs of furniture as well.

2. Or just get rid of small scratches.Make Old Stuff Look Like New 2

Rub a bit of olive oil on anything made out of leather and you’ll have the appearance of scratch marks minimized.

1. Restore a fading leather couch.

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© and | All Rights Reserved

Make use of vinegar and olive oil to tackle a dry, scratched or cracked leather couch.

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