Guy Creates A Letterbox Shredder That Handles All The Spam Mail

Check Out MK2 Letterbox Shredder By Colin Furze!

Hello there and welcome to yet another amazing video by Colin Furze! Yes, the same Colin Furze who is known for his amazing DIY creations and fireworks. We recently covered a YouTube video titled ‘Firing 1,000 Rockets at 1,000 Rockets’ from the same YouTube user. The video that we have decided to feature today shows MK2 letterbox shredder by Colin Furze.

Check Out MK2 Letterbox Shredder By Colin Furze!

He created MK1 letterbox shredder not some time ago, however it featured only one motor that delivered 300 watts of power. The first version would simply ‘bog down’ while shredding a simple piece of paper. Colin was not having any of it and decided to upgrade the design.

The outcome is the MK2 letterbox shredder. The whole contraption has been made a bit bigger and features two motors now bringing the total power of the MK2 letterbox shredder to eight times of its predecessor. It also features bearings to make sure that no power from the motors is wasted in overcoming the friction.

Colin has made use of a slide-e collar to keep the second motor off until he shreds something that requires the power input from the second motor as well. The video shows Colin testing the MK2 letterbox shredder by making use of a variety of things. We can see him shredding simple paper, magazines, cardboard boxes, metal boxes, wood pieces, a clock, and a metallic piece as well.

Check Out MK2 Letterbox Shredder By Colin Furze!

The MK2 letterbox shredder is able to hold up quite well and only breaks down while trying to shred the wooden plank. Colin does indicate that an MK3 letterbox shredder might find its way into the realm of reality soon enough. For now, though, he is satisfied with the MK2 letterbox shredder.

You can see Colin installing it on a door to make sure that his junk mail gets shredded right away. Another use of it is to reduce the volume of the trash by shredding it into a million smaller pieces. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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