Learn How To Unclog Your Drain With This DIY Clog Fixing Hack

Learn How To Unclog Your Drain With This DIY Clog Fixing Hack!

As a homeowner, you simply cannot escape the situation where you have to tackle a clogged sink. Some clogs will take their time for building up, whereas others will be spontaneous once something foreign makes its way into the drain. For all those who have had their fair share of clogging problems; the good news is that you can fix the common ones without having to call the plumber. Check out the following three-prong DIY clog fixing strategy!

The First Phase Of DIY Clog Fixing!

The first phase of the strategy relies on the lowly plunger! This effective tool can greatly benefit given that you make use of it properly. In order to make use of its full potential, it is important that you cover all of the exposed air holes in the sink. When you are plunging your bathroom sink, you should cover the overflow hole on the side of the sink using your thumb. Let’s say you are dealing with the two-basin kitchen sink; covering one of the sink drains using a damp cloth while you plunge the other hole will yield the greatest results.

Learn How To Unclog Your Drain With This DIY Clog Fixing Hack!

Before you begin the process of plunging, fill the drainpipe with water and wear eye goggles. You should never plunge a sink that has had chemical cleaner used within it. That is because the chemicals could splash out and cause damage to you. Once you are all set, press the rubber cap down forcefully over the hole. Pump the handle up and down a number of times without breaking the seal with the drain. After three or four pressure pumps, yank the plunger off of the sink drain. Refill the drainpipe with water and repeat. It might require some attempts, but the clog will break up and flow down the drain easily.

The Second Phase Of DIY Clog Fixing!

So, you have tried plunging, and it hasn’t helped. What will you do now? You must remove the trap from under the sink. The trap is either a U or P shaped pipe that is situated right under the vertical drainpipe of the sink. Get a small bowl and place it under the trap for catching the water. Furthermore, you need to loosen the two compression fittings that keep the trap affixed to the drainpipe. You won’t have to do this if the trap is made of plastic.

Learn How To Unclog Your Drain With This DIY Clog Fixing Hack!

Once you have freed the trap, pour out any water that was remaining into the bowl as well. Slide a thick rag through the trap for taking care of the blockage. Be very sure that the trap is thoroughly clean before you replace it. If the trap was not clogged, it is time to move to the third phase of DIY clog fixing.

The Third Phase Of DIY Clog Fixing!

When everything else fails, it is time to snake out the drainpipe. You need to get your hands on a hand auger also known as plumber’s snake. It is comprised of a 25-50 ft long flexible steel cable that has been wound up inside a metal drum. A crank handle has been installed on the back of the drum.

Learn How To Unclog Your Drain With This DIY Clog Fixing Hack!

You will have to pull out a few feet of the cable and then drive it into the drain pipe inside the wall. Then tighten the retaining thumbscrew for keeping the cable in place. Now slowly turn the hand crank while you force the cable down the drain. Keep on repeating these steps until you begin to feel resistance inside the pipe. Keep on turning the crank and working the cable back and forth until it breaks the clog.

Once you have successfully cleared the clog, sprinkle some baking soda down the sink drain followed by boiling water. Wait until the soda ceases its fizzing and then rely on the hot-water faucet for flushing out the drainpipe.

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