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Guy Builds A Cabin Using Using 2,000 Packets Of Instant Noodles

A guy who is soon to become a father in China has become an online sensation after making use of 2,000 packets of expired instant noodles for creating an instant noodle cabin for his yet to be born son. Mr. Zhang is from Huadian county, located in the Jilin Province in China.

The pictures of the unique and somewhat unusual instant noodle cabin didn’t take long before going viral online. Mr. Zhang was then tracked down by Chinese reporters and inquired about his construction of this playhouse. He said that it took him a total of four days to build the edible structure using thousands of expired noodle packets. He used glue for fixing them together.

Mr. Zhang said, ‘A friend of mine who is a food wholesaler sorted out a batch of expired instant noodles from his warehouse. I felt it was a pity to throw them away, so I took them home.’ Zhang says that he is a fan of instant noodles. Since he was not able to eat the 2,000 packets of noodles that he got from his friend; the next obvious choice was to make use of them as a building material.

The instant noodle cabin measures in at a meter wide by two meters wide. It covers a total area of four square meters. This is enough to accommodate a single bed for an adult along with toys for his son. The instant noodle cabin has windows that allow the light to come in and also features an accent wall that has been crafted using rounded noodles’ packets.

The uncooked instant noodle cabin has been given mixed feedback online. While some social media users were generously praising Mr. Zhang for his creativity and willingness to create things for his soon to be born son, others actually criticized him for being irresponsible. A person wrote on Weibo platform, ‘Mold is a strong carcinogen, and ignorance is terrible.’ Another asked, ‘No! What if the child eats the noodles or glue?’

What do you think of this instant noodle cabin?