New Smart Fork Created By A Japanese Company Can Automatically Cancel Out Noodle-Slurping Noises

Noodle is the kind of food no one can eat sophisticatedly. Almost all of us have been guilty of producing those slurpy noises while eating noodles but no one has ever thought of concealing those noises until now.

The problem is well addressed by a Japanese company that has come up with a smart fork to cancel out noodle slurping noises.

Japanese ramen etiquette appreciates slurping your noodles while eating them since it allows for aeration which helps in flavor development. Westerners, however, describe slurping as ”noodle harassment” or as Japanese like to call it ”noo-hara”. The Japanese, on the other hand, do not seem to give up this beloved tradition of theirs, hence enters Nissin, with their slurp canceling device called the Otohiko fork to preserve Japanese traditions without offending the world.

The working principle of Otohiko is simple, a highly sensitive microphone, attached to the fork, picks up even the slightest slurping noise. It then sends a signal to an application installed on your smartphone that makes a slurp neutralizing sound. The sound could be anything, a ”WHOOSH” or maybe some sort of xylophone tone. The idea is to cancel out or minimize the slurping noise with the help of any other sound.

Source: odditycentral

With the help of this simple device, Japanese tend to bridge the cultural gap between West and Japan. Nissin, the 69-year-old company that also holds the crown of inventing the famous ‘instant noodles,’ intends to start shipping out this smart gadget from next year. You can place your order until mid-December.

Are you excited about the noise-canceling forks? Let us know in the comment section below and while you are doing that, do watch the video:

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