Google’s Next-Gen AI-Powered Search Experience Is Now Open For Testing

Google I/O 2023 concluded recently, bringing forth numerous product and software-related announcements. One of the notable highlights was the introduction of Labs, a dedicated platform that allows testing of upcoming AI features before integrating them into services like Search or Workspace.

As part of this initiative, Google unveiled Search Labs, a subdivision where users can explore and experiment with AI features that are still under development. Initially limited to testers in the US, Google’s generative AI is now becoming accessible to a wider audience.

During the event, Google presented three examples to showcase the capabilities of its new Search Generative Experience before its limited release. The first example demonstrated how AI-powered “snapshots” provide insights on complex topics, with the option to delve deeper by accessing relevant articles through provided links.

Another example showcased the ability to receive direct responses to specific queries, including personalized information based on the user’s location. The final example demonstrated how generative AI can enhance e-commerce experiences by answering product-related questions and displaying a table featuring specifications and review ratings.

Early adopters who signed up to test Google’s Search Labs experiments have begun receiving access to the program. Upon signing up, a beaker icon appears in the top-left corner of the Google Search app. For invited users, tapping the icon prompts them to “Experiment with Search Labs.” By selecting “Get started here,” users can opt into two experiments: the Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Code Tips, where Google’s AI assists with coding queries.

While the showcased examples by Google demonstrated promising results, such as answering product inquiries and providing AI snapshots for queries, the overall user experience in these early stages still requires refinement. Some queries automatically trigger AI responses, while others offer a Generate button to initiate a response resembling that of the Bard.

To join the waitlist for Search Labs, users can sign up at Although immediate access is not guaranteed, the waitlist operates on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to Google One Premium subscribers and Pixel Superfans. Google will notify individuals once they have been granted exclusive access. Once inside, users can access the new generative AI features by opening Google Search on Android or the web and selecting the Labs option or visiting the Search Labs URL provided.

Despite certain limitations, such as its initial exclusivity to the US, Google intends to gradually expand the availability of Search’s generative AI capabilities to a broader global audience.

Meanwhile, Google Bard, the AI chatbot, is already accessible in 180 countries and supports three languages, with additional languages being added in the future.

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