Elon Musk’s Social Security Number Is Among The Data Leaked By The Tesla Whistleblower

A German newspaper, Handelsblatt, has reported that a massive data leak originating from a Tesla whistleblower contained sensitive information, including Elon Musk’s social security number.

The leaked data, amounting to 100 gigabytes, also included details such as names, salaries of current and former Tesla employees, customer contact information, and information related to the production of electric vehicles (EVs).

The data leak disclosed by Handelsblatt may have infringed upon Europe’s GDPR regulations. The leak encompasses the personal data of numerous European citizens, necessitating an investigation into potential violations and raising the possibility of substantial fines for Tesla. The leak’s origins were attributed to a disgruntled former employee, as stated by a Tesla lawyer quoted in the publication.

The leaked data shed light on the alarming extent of customer complaints received by Tesla, particularly regarding the “phantom braking” issue. With the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s investigation already underway, the leak further underscored the gravity of the problem, as over 750 owners reported sudden braking incidents at high speeds. Notably, the report revealed that Tesla had instructed its employees to exclusively handle complaints verbally to avoid creating written records.

Furthermore, Handelsblatt’s findings also unveiled that Tesla workers had circulated internal videos featuring vehicle owners, recorded using the cars’ cameras. This revelation adds another layer of concern regarding customer privacy and data security within the company.

Dagmar Hartge, an officer for the data protection office in Brandenburg, where Tesla’s gigafactory is situated, expressed the magnitude of the data leak, referring to it as “massive.” This reinforces the severity of the breach and highlights the urgency in addressing the situation promptly.

The disclosure of Elon Musk’s social security number, alongside a vast amount of sensitive information has raised significant concerns. As the investigation unfolds, it remains crucial for Tesla and Elon Musk, to address these concerns promptly and ensure robust data protection measures to prevent future breaches and protect the privacy of their employees and customers.

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