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Google Maps Has Just Deleted This Image Showing A Falcon Shaped UFO In Area 51

Area 51 in Nevada has long been the center of conspiracy theories and high-tech gossip since the public was introduced to the possible concept of aliens and UFOs. Since then, numerous sightings of unusual flying vehicles have been found and even photographed around the restricted government facility. The successive governments have also fueled the debate by making the program even more elusive with time. Some people are entirely convinced that either we have an alien presence there, or we have made top-secret space shuttles that are capable of achieving it. Here is the story of one of these alien enthusiasts who claims t have spotted a Millenium Falcon shaped UFO near Area 51 using just Google Maps. Talk about an original design, George Lucas!

Fans of the Star Wars franchise can instantly recognize the shape of Han Solo and Chewbacca’s infamous smuggling vehicle. It was the fastest freighter in the galaxy and full of little tricks that saved the protagonists many times in the series. The conspiracy theorist behind this realization has claimed that we can’t see it on the Google Maps anymore, but if we travel back in time on the mapping service, we will find the craft parked in the climate-controlled hanger near the third dry lake near Area 51. Here is how it looks like:

On May 25, 2010, Scott Warring posted the coordinates on which the UFO sighting could be observed. At  36°55’35.30?N 116° 0’25.41?W, he found this anomaly and he also claimed that Google will eventually delete the source image as soon as it got wind of its availability on the popular platform. Although the area that he is talking about isn’t exactly Area 51, it is in its vicinity and has since been referred to as the Area S4 and, to be fair to him, the facility does look like a test facility. The images have been deleted by Google, but we can still find out about them by navigating in the past and arriving at the time it was first located here. What we can see here is the half-visible portion of something possibly similar to the famous freighter and it could have easily been a high-end technology that the government was developing there. Conspiracy theorists claim that people have been hired to reverse engineer alien aviation technology which is crazy, to say the least.

So, here is all of the evidence from our side. I think it is a government testing facility at most. What do you make of it?