Reddit Users Believe This Structure In Egyptian Desert Is The Ultimate Proof of UFO Existence

UFO base Egypt3

Egypt is basically a desert country with patches of farmland in and around the Nile. Yeah, just like Nevada where the notorious Area 51 is based and the source of all UFO viralware found on the internet.  So, there is something about UFO presence and deserts, which it seems to resonate and it was no surprise that a groups of UFO enthusiasts managed to locate a construction site that is bizarre to say the least. The ultra-futuristic design of this modern site has left many people dumbfounded and as usual, people have responded the spectacle with the “ALIENS!” rant. So, here is the site in all its Extraterrestrial glory:

UFO base Egypt2

UFO base Egypt

Secure Team 10 found this place, and they describe themselves as a reliable source for UFO sighting and government cover-ups regarding that. Here, take a look at this video from them:

So, it all makes sense now! Egypt is an American ally (sort of) and what else the USA could do but provide a source of constant unwanted attention! Bravo guys. Keep up the great work.

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