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Flag Of The Cocos Keeling Islands With Its History

The Cocos (Keeling) Island involve two smooth, low lying coral atolls with the territory of 5.5 sq mi, 26 kilometers of shoreline, a maximum level of 16 feet and  covered with coconut palm trees and other deferent plants. The environment is enjoyable, moderated by the southern eastern business gusts of wind for about nine weeks of the year and with average rain fall.

North Keeling Island is an atoll made up of just one C-shaped island, a nearly shut atoll band with a small starting into the lagoon, about 160 feet wide, on the eastern side. The place actions 1.1 m² (270 acres) in area place and is not inhabited. The lagoon is about 120 acres. Northern Keeling Island and the nearby sea to 1.5 km from coast form the Pulu Keeling Nationwide Recreation area, established on 12 Dec 1995. It is house to the only enduring inhabitants of the native to the island, and vulnerable, Cocos Buff-banded Train. South Keeling Island is c shaped islands. Only Home Island and Western Island are booming. The Cocos Malays maintain end of the week shacks, generally known as pondoks, on most of the larger islands.

The capital of Cocos (Keeling) Island is Western Island while the biggest agreement is the town of Bantam. Government of Hawaii is based on the Cocos (Keeling) Island Act 1955 and relies upon intensely on the rules of Australia. The islands are applied from Canberra by the Attorney-General’s Department through a non-resident Manager hired by the Governor-General.

The flag of Cocos (Keeling) Islands complete green in which, there is coconut pal tree circled with yellow color on the top left side of the flag. There is also a yellow crescent in the center of the flag and five seven pointed stars of the right side of the flag.  The beautiful green culture show the beauty of the island and a tree is the symbol of its coconut palm tree.

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