Get This Fake Muscle Undershirt If You Are Too Lazy To Exercise

Say Goodbye to Exercise - $50 Fake Muscle Undershirt 2

Say Goodbye to Exercise - $50 Fake Muscle Undershirt 3We’ve all grown up while learning that exercise is crucial for health and that we all must indulge in physical activity. However, as we grow up we learn a new truth that between our jobs and chores at home, we can’t exercise as much as we need to. What do we do then? The worst part is that nowadays all the females want guys with abs and perfectly sculpted pectorals. That stuff takes a lot of time to build. However, thanks to Funkybod you need not worry about that.

Say Goodbye to Exercise - $50 Fake Muscle Undershirt 4Spend fifty bucks and get yourself this amazing undershirt. $50 for an undershirt is preposterous, sure, but don’t judge too quickly. This undershirt can easily portray you as the hard working-out type of guy who has a lean muscular body. Other than that it is also able to hide your flabby chest and belly. Say bye to your gym membership, protein powders and your home gym equipment. Just put on your undershirt and look lean! This illusion creating undershirt sure looks tempting for those who can’t find time for a workout.

Say Goodbye to Exercise - $50 Fake Muscle UndershirtThis awesome undershirt is able to highlight your shoulders, arms, chest and back using a set of plates which are made out of comfy foam. This foam actually feels like real muscle so you’re okay as long as you don’t have to take off your shirt. The fake muscles can be spotted quite easily as well if you’re only wearing the undershirt but pop up another shirt on it and you’re good to go. Just be sure to remember the routine you’re following to maintain your freaking awesome physique. Thanks a lot Funkybod.

Note: Although this undershirt is great, it is not a substitute for working out regularly.

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