20 Things That Every Cool Person Already Owns


Usually when we find lists on internet regarding some cool inventions they are either in conceptual stage or pure imagination. However, here is a list of 20 products which are actually out in the market and you can buy them today. Owing even half of these will make you super cool and reflect your love for creativity and innovation.

20. Time Warp Shelf Clock

20. Time Warp Shelf ClockThis is a unique design for clock, requires no mounting, which can be yours only for $13.49. You can buy it here

19. The Avengers USB Sticks

19. The Avengers USB SticksIf you’re an Avengers fan then this is a must have. This action figure USB costs $39.99. You can buy the complete set of 5 here or if you are on a budget, you can get a cheaper alternative here

18. Wooden Camera iPhone Case

18. Wooden Camera iPhone CaseOwn an iphone but want a touch of old school? Buy this wooden case for $41.17 only. You can buy it here

17. Kids Snail Night Light

snail lamp

This gadget can produce sufficient light for night light purpose. The design is amazing as well and is a perfect addition to your kids bedroom. You can buy it here

16. USB Power Strip

16. USB Power StripFor $15.9 once can take this portable USB power strip anywhere anytime. You can buy it here

15. Mr. P Tape Dispenser

15. Mr. P Tape DispenserHe is not just adorable but will be of assistance when you do your office chores. You can buy it here

14. Tailsman Cherry Chomper

14. Tailsman Cherry ChomperWe all love cherries but we dont like the big solid seed in the middle. This Cherry Chomper is all that you want your kitchen device to be; compact, fun to use, kid friendly and and costs a mere $8.71. You can buy it here

13. iPhone Hoodie Case

13. iPhone Hoodie CaseHere we have another iphone case which is somewhat modern than the previous entry, costs around $11.95 and looks super cool! You can buy it here

12. Illuminating Charger by Dexim

12. Illuminating Charger by DeximThis is something which one must have and employs electroluminescent (EL) technology, making the charger and sync cable to display electric current flow by lighting up the charger and the cable. It costs a mere $19.99. You can buy it here

11. Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel Mouse

11. Retro Pointer Finger Cursor Icon Pixel MouseThis is a must have retro gadget for geeks and hardcore computer users. It costs only $19.99 and will be a nice addition to your computer table. You can buy it here

10. The Murf Watch by Nixon

10. The Murf Watch by NixonAn elegant watch which employs Japanese quartz arm movement and has half covered stainless steel. Its a thing of beauty and you can get yours here

9. Kikkerland Safe Kitchen Timer

9. Kikkerland Safe Kitchen TimerHere’s another item for your kitchen which costs $11. Now you can keep a track of time when you cook your dishes. It mimics a safe lock and the timer can go up to 60 mins. You can buy it here

8. LED Planter

Led planter

These LED Planters are a must have for anyone who wants their front home garden to look fantastic. These Planters cost only 14.95$ and last a long time. You can buy it here

7. Log Pillow by Kikkerland

7. Log Pillow by KikkerlandAre you a nature loving guy? For just $23 one can have this log-shaped pillow! You can buy it here

6. WeWood Jupiter Dual Movement Watch

6. WeWood Jupiter Dual Movement WatchThis is another entry in our list which employs wood. WeWOOD is a watch made of wood and costs $119.00. The watch is exquisitely crafted and makes for a great gift. You can buy it here

5. Old-School Calculator iPhone Case

5. Old-School Calculator iPhone CaseThis iPhone case will bring back your school memories and it costs only $2.60. You can buy it here

4. Picnic Table Condiment Set

4. Picnic Table Condiment SetThis set is a great addition to your dinner table and also makes for a good family picnic item. You can buy it here

3. Spilt Milk Bowl


This bowl is designed to look like a breakfast accident in progress. You can add a splash of fun to your breakfast table by getting one of these. You can buy it here

2. Android Robot USB Device Charger

2. Android Robot USB Device ChargerMeet your android robot USB device charger. You can purchase this for $20 and have him sit on your desk all day charging your phones. You can buy it here

1. Zombie Head Cookie Jar

1. Zombie Head Cookie JarWe are not sure about when will ‘Zombie apocalypse’ happen but they sure have attacked our cookie jars. Get this one for $37.95 here.


  1. ken Reply

    i havent seen any of those products in my home country,but am willing to buy,or sell.

  2. Neha Sharma Reply

    Hahhahaha loved the iPhone Hoodie case and also i’ve got 5 of these items will have to be a bit more cooler than this.. 🙂

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