Nissan Unveils 3E Glasses To Compete Against Google Glass

Nissan 3E Glasses

Most of us have already heard of Google Glass, the latest tech toy to amaze the world. HUD glasses are suddenly making a market segment for themselves ever since Google Glass was unveiled. Nissan is also entering the tech toy department and it looks like the automotive giant wants to be a player in the world of gadgets as well. The company has already revealed it’s Nismo smartwatch and now it plans on releasing another gadget that is aimed to compete Google Glass.

The Nissan 3E glasses are pitched as the Third Eye wearable glasses. Instead of a whole frame (like those of glasses) used by the Google Glass, the 3E supports the HUD lens over the left eye using a very futuristic-looking design. The blue lens makes a fashion statement of its own and sits right in front of the users eye, which is different from Glass (where the lens is located in the upper corner of the frame).

Nissan 3E glasses HUD

Nissan hasn’t revealed many details about this new product but their ad campaign gives us a hint about what to expect, as shown below:

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