Spruce Stove Burns Complete Tree Trunks

Spruce Stove

For those of us who are enthusiasts or just plain eccentric, a wood stove is a must have for every winter. Whether it’s for cooking or using as a source to heat up you room or cabin, the wood burning stove is a traditional heating tool. But having to cut tree trunks into logs to burn in the wood stove can be laborious and ruin the fun of a wood stove. Dutch designers Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens have designed a stove which continuously burns a large piece of wood the same way as a sharpener consumes a pencil.

The use is apparently simple as all you need to do is continue to push the log into the stove as it is burned away. A small fire must be started using kindling and then one end of the log, supported on the adjustable-height stand, is inserted into the stove. The metal diaphragm of the stove is closed around the log to prevent the flames from escaping through the side. The stove’s inner lining consists of fireproof concrete bricks which absorb heat from the inside and radiate it outwards. Fins have also been installed on the outer shell of the stove to allow for greater heat transfer with the surroundings.

The Spruce Stove may look unsafe but the designers assure us that it can be used indoors without fear of burning down the house. The designers will produce a very limited 10 units of this enthusiast’s stove, each costing around 6,050 USD. Those who are interested in buying this exclusive example of a modern, wood burning stove should place their orders now. Images can be seen below.

The Spruce Stove in use

Once the business end of the log is in, a steel diaphragm is closed around it

The Spruce Stove in its fully-closed state

The log can be place on an adjustable height stand

Users start by placing a log on the adjustable-height support stand, then pushing it into ...

The stove has steel fins on the outside, to increase its heat-radiating surface area

A look inside

The Spruce Stove in use, prior to being closed around the log

Users periodically push the log in a little farther, as the end of it burns away

The stove features fireproof concrete bricks on the inside, to absorb and radiate heat

Martens and de Boer are about to start a very limited-edition production run (just 10 unit...

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