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German Engineer Makes A Free Energy Harvesting Device

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into energy that is around you and charge your gadgets? No more shall you worry about your cell phone battery or how to charge it. How would you feel if we told you that Yes, there is now a device that can be used to gather up atmospheric radiation and provide you with free electricity. This device has been created by a German student. The device does exactly what has been mentioned; soaks up radiation and harvests electricity. It is capable of recharging a ‘AA’ battery by making use of the nearby free energy. It is capable of tapping into the ambient, environmental energy from almost all the sources and those include the power lines as well and even the household appliances (electrical).

In essence, this is wireless transfer of power. This groundbreaking invention was announced during the early 2013 and the uses of this device are almost endless. Just imagine the wonders that can be achieved by incorporating it into gadgets and other stuff. There are also reports of making use of the same technology in Smartphones so your phone can keep on charging even when its in your pocket.

Although this concept is quite amazing but there are still many questions which need to be answered. We need to calculate if this device is really feasible and how much of energy can it harvest, speaking of which we also need to ascertain how much free energy is really out there? Once that has been calculated, the next question will be if this device can be designed to harvest more energy and if its efficiency can be increased.

Still, the device is surely one step closer to the future where we all will be amazed, to say the least, by technological advancements.