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Seabin Is A Dustbin That Can Clean Pollution In The Oceans

We are struggling with the pollution that is being spread out in oceans and some environmental undertakings are underway to tackle these catastrophic happenings. The Seabin Project, while not offering anything on such a big scale, does offer something that is feasible and unique. It is a smaller-scale approach to fighting pollution and has been designed to be able to get rid of water trash from ports and marinas.

It is ocean-friendly and is capable of sucking up the surrounding trash and can even remove oil from water thus making it a viable option when it comes to dealing with the trash in oceans. It has been designed two Australian surfers who decided that they had enough of surfing amid floating rubbish and plastic. Seabin is a water filtration system that has been designed for small-scale environments such as yacht clubs, ports, and marinas. Due to its operating area being small, it doesn’t need to be able to tackle stronger currents and ocean storms and thus is capable of hacking away the pollution in visible areas where a lot of human activity is going on.

The gadget is installed on a dock and then plumbed into a water pump that is shore-based. The rim sits flushed with the water’s surface and the pump sucks water into the bin. The sucked water brings surrounding trash with it along with oil and detergent. The water passes through a removable catch bag that has been made from natural fiber where the debris is gathered. The water is then pumped through an oil-water separator (optional) before it is again fed back to the ocean.

The team has already created a functional prototype and claims that it hopes to be able to produce subsequent models eventually with the plastic that will be collected from the previously installed units of Seabins. We sure like the idea of recycling all that plastic waste. It is raising funds on Indiegogo and offers the Seabins for an early pledge of $3,825 and plans on shipping in November 2016 if all goes well.

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